SofTissue™ Release

As Deep as Necessary,
As Painless as Possible

Typical massage often doesn’t “mix things up”. A practitioner will use one or two similar styles to assist in helping a client, staying focused on these styles because that’s how the practitioner was taught and often what the client expects. “Don’t fix things that ain’t broken”.

Such rigidity doesn’t work for many of us because we are all different. Each person has their own unique experiences, lifestyle and physique. By not taking uniqueness into account and using it to guide our work as Certified Massage Therapists, is to not address why clients want and/or need Massage Therapy from qualified therapists.  And isn’t massage about flexibility?

Andrew has a better way.

His signature SofTissue Release© [STR©] is grounded in the belief that deep massage for aches and pains doesn’t need to be stilted, overly structured and uncomfortable to be highly effective. STR is a specialized blend of Eastern and Western massage techniques that focuses on easy release with deep and lasting results.

Each time a client offers positive feedback that STR is highly effective, Andrew’s belief in SofTissue Release continues to be deepened and reaffirmed.