Client Feedback

Happy Clients

“Thank you so much for being there and your work, I believe, is a main factor for this.” J.R., World-Ranked 55-59 Track and Field, 50M, 100M, and 200M Sprint

“Great Massage” – O.N.

“You are not giving yourself enough credit, Andrew. You are kind, you understand body mechanics and you have warm dedicated hands!” – P.S.

“Thank you for your treatment of H today. He says it was a great help!” – H.S.

“Thumbs up!” – D.G. DC [Doctor of Chiropractic care]

“Lower back is definitely improving.”- D.D.

“Six months after extensive ankle surgery, my recovery seemed to have stalled, or even regressed. My pain was increasing, and I found myself worrying about and favoring my ankle to the point of causing other compensatory issues. I had difficulty taking even short, paved walks. I discussed with Andrew my symptoms and and my fear of re-injury. Andrew asked questions that allowed him to fully understand all facets of my situation and need. A few minutes after he began physically working on me, he was able to hone in on the responsible tissues. Andrew asked further and deeper questions regarding my response to his work, and continued to find more areas that needed correction. Working on seemingly unrelated areas of my body, he managed to release whatever it was in me that was holding back my ankle recovery. Andrew walked me through a series of complimentary exercises, and I left his office feeling “worked over,” optimistic and, GOOD. Andrew followed up over the next week to make sure I was staying on the correct path. A month and several sessions with Andrew later, I was able to take several back-to-back 20,000+ step hikes on uneven terrain, as well as finally having the confidence to ride my mountain bike. It has been the better part of a year since I was able to enjoy those outdoor activities that are a big part of my life. The ankle continues to rapidly improve, and it is a joy to watch my strength, symmetry and confidence return with a vengeance. Thanks, Andrew!”  – D. D.

“You’re magic” – V.B., Former USTA and ITF Ranked Tennis Player, Current Tennis Pro

“[My knee] Feels great, hasn’t seized up at all.” – C.P., UC Davis Track and Field – 2mile, 3mile and 5K distance running