AH! Massage is a Certified Massage Therapy practice in the greater Sacramento area of California.

Owner Andrew Hardardt has created his own uniquely flexible style of Massage designed specifically to address your athletic and sporting massage needs. He helps and often heals clients though a studied practice aimed at getting his clients back to their peak as quickly and efficiently as possible.

His work in rehabilitative therapy for people of all ages has been profoundly helpful to many clients.

He is available to help you, too.

With the Covid “crisis”ª, I am following the State’s recommendations.






Professional USA Cycling Certified Coach [Former]


Therapeutic Massage That Fits Your Needs

Your daily life if full of stressors like commuting, deadlines, school, and just managing your day in as easy a manner as possible. These stresses do not simply “go away” as we once thought. Our bodies and minds hold onto them through poor posture, tight muscles, and bad habits like binge eating, couch-potatoing, and not getting enough exercise and rest. At some point, every body collapses and we finally seek help… too late to stop the adverse affects.

But being aware of your stressors is the first step to helping yourself. If you’re aware, you can change your reaction and behaviors/bad habits.

The next step is even easier: get some good bodywork from a practitioner who understands how to address your physical needs. This is where AH! Massage steps in to help you.

Through a personal program specific to your wants, needs and especially your daily life, Andrew’s personalized approach to Therapeutic Massage and athletic and health training is designed to assist you in your development of a genuine passion for better health.


Session Reservations

Now available on this site are session reservations. I’ve had to do this with the Covid crisis as I’ve also had to severely curtail my availability in order to keep you [and me] safe. Please take advantage of this new booking and availability system. Reservations

DMS Demonstration!

I’m doing a multi-day demonstration at the Capital Athletic Club of the Deep Muscle Stimulator [DMS], my favorite deep tissue massage tool. The DMS has one of, if not the longest, histories of any device in its category with over 10 years of research and clinical-level studies. The research shows that it is approximately 1.83x …

New Techniques

Hi! I’ve recently been studying a variety of deep tissue neck releases and structural integration techniques created by one of my teachers, Marty Morales, and Sharon Oshita who is one of Marty’s best disciples. Great techniques that are easy on you and amazingly effective. Stop by and feel what this is about!


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AH! Massage Therapy

Andrew Hardardt
AMTA, AMBP, and CAMTC Certified Massage Therapist
Health and Fitness Coach
Recreational and Competitive Cycling Coach

Currently Available for Mobile Massage

When Available, also at:
Capital Athletic Club
1515 Eighth Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

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